Haymarket Financial MediaTreasury Technology | 17 March 2016


  • Christopher Emslie

  • Country Treasurer
  • ABB Pte Ltd
Christopher Emslie
Country Treasurer
ABB Pte Ltd
Chris has held various financial positions in South Africa since 1997 after having completed his articles at a small Audit and Accounting firm in Johannesburg. He has been involved in various companies in the financial sphere including Transport & Freight, Security and IT. He joined ABB in 2008 first as a SAP consultant for their ERP implementation, then as their Country Credit Manager and then finally as their first Country Treasurer looking after South Africa as well as Southern Africa with all their treasury concerns and establishing the first ABB treasury operation in Southern Africa. He has moved to Singapore with ABB to be there Country Treasurer looking after all Treasury functions for the business and assisting in the region. He holds a B Compt Honors degree in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa.