Haymarket Financial MediaTreasury Technology | 17 March 2016


You are qualified for a complimentary pass* if you are:
  • CFO, Treasurer, Finance Director, SVP Finance, VP Finance, Controller, Corporate Finance, Corporate Secretary, Head of Finance, Head of Treasury, Auditor, Treasury Operations, Risk, Tax, Accounting
  • CEO, COO, President, VP, Managing Director
You are qualified for a complimentary pass* if you are:
  • Internal treasury with job titles CFO, Treasurer, Head of Audit, Head of Compliance, Head of Risk
Limited complimentary passes are available. To apply for a complimentary pass, please email Kira Tritenko, Conference Producer, kira.tritenko@haymarket.asia, or on  +852 3175 1998

A standard rate applies if you are:
  • Law firm
  • Consultancy
  • Advisory firm
  • Accounting firm
  • Service provider
  • Tech provider
  • Banks (excluding internal treasury services), with job titles Treasury Services, Transaction Banking, Client Coverage, Origination, Head of M&A, Head of Corporate Services, Corporate Banking, Marketing, Corporate and Investment Banking, Global Banking, Commercial Banking, Head of Cash Management

 Pricing Type  Deadline  Price
Early Bird  February 5  US$1,695
Standard  March 15  US$1,995
CTWeek    February 5  US $2,995
CTWeek  March 15  US $3,495
For more information contact Akina TseAudience Development Manager, akina.tse@haymarket.asia  or on +852 3175 1980.